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  • What testing method is used for Medis Blood Group Analyzer?


    Medis adopts a similar enzyme label method for detection. The detection steps are sample addition – incubation - centrifugation - oscillation - interpretation. Compared with the traditional method, there is one more incubation step, which makes the reaction of blood group detection more sufficient and improves the accuracy of detection results.

  • Are the sample adding and plate washing steps of Automatic ELISA Analyzer completed by the instrument?


    All of them are done automatically by the instrument. You only need to put the specimens and reagents to be examined on the instrument and set up the corresponding procedures. Then the instrument can realize full automatic operation.

  • Do you have an anti-condensation design for the incubator model of 150 Automatic ELISA Analyzer?


    Yes, it can be done. Our ELISA Analyzer is automatically sealed and protected from light during the incubation process. Each incubator is independently controlled, and the set temperature can be reached within 5 minutes.

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In order to continuously improve the service quality, Aikang has set up a dedicated department since 2003 to take charge of customer service, accept all kinds of complaints and suggestions, and supervise the customer service quality, so as to realize the service goal of creating value for customers and cooperating with customers for win-win.